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Message from general manager

What's new 2020年5月12日 2,822

Welcome to join yoostar.

Down to earth, looking forward to the future, Huixing people are diligent, efficient and United, which has created Huixing’s strength today. We are confident to become one of the most powerful and attractive enterprises in the industry. Every employee in this team, with the perseverance of development, innovation, challenge and struggle, will have a place to use their skills, display their talents on a broad stage, and get corresponding rich returns.

Science and technology innovation, quality first, keep improving, based on development; to create high-quality products, build a first-class enterprise is our consistent pursuit.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. From the first day you joined Huixing digital, I hope you will get familiar with and understand it as soon as possible, so that your wisdom and talent can be sublimed with the development of the company in the best fertile soil of Huixing digital, which is “natural and useful”.